Pipeline is not just collaboration software. It's a new way to create together on the Web.

Here are some Pipeline features we're most proud of:


100% free and open source.
You pay nothing to use Pipeline, and you can change it as much as you want. Try getting that deal from Basecamp or Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Completely web-based.
Nothing to install, and accessible from any device with a web browser and Internet access. Tested and verified in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Optimized for multimedia.
Supports video, audio, images, animation, and more, all from within your browser.
Custom look-and-feel.
Use one of the two included stylesheets (light and dark) or create your own to match your brand or style.
Host Pipeline anywhere.
Need privacy? Set up a Pipeline on your organization's internal network. Don't have a web server? We'll host your Pipeline on our servers.


Lead projects your way.
From crowdsourcing to collaboration, dictatorship to democracy, Pipeline's unique "trust" feature lets you delegate as much (or little) as you want.
Stay aware.
Activity feeds show instant, automatic updates on every member's contributions, filtered and in context.
Build a team fast.
Invite any number of people by username or email address with one click, and let Pipeline keep track of their responses.
Divide and conquer.
Each task can have its own leader, status, uploads, and as many contributors as you want.
Comment and discuss.
Use comments to leave feedback on tasks and contributions, or use threaded, categorized discussions for more in-depth conversations.
See your projects, tasks, invitations, and recent activity all in one place.
Customizable notifications.
Get email notifications, but only when you want them.

Sounds good? See for yourself by checking out our Pipeline demo.